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Environmental Responsibility Safety Sustainability

Corporate Safety Message

Our goal is to keep our employees, the public and the environment out of harm’s way.

safe_thumbnailChairman & CEO’s Message – Commitment to Safety
Commitment to Safety


At Arrow Marine Services, we believe there are no boundaries when it comes to ensuring everyone is safe while visiting the hazardous environment of a working shipyard. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided to enable customers and other visitors a safer passage around our busy yard. These items include a high-visibility vest, safety glasses, and a hard hat, and if you are visiting a yard work area, hard-toed caps for footwear will also be provided.

We kindly ask that all customers and other visitors not wear open-toed shoes/sandals and/or shorts/skirts as they offer no protection to feet and legs from stray flying debris.

Visitors By Land

Follow the signs to our Site Safety Office. At the Site Safety Office, you will find a Visitor Sign-In book and the Safety Officer, ready to issue you with the necessary PPE and provide the Site Safety Briefing.

Once the Briefing is over, you will be shown to the vessel you are visiting or the berth at which your vessel is situated.

If you are boarding a vessel that is set to leave the yard, please remember to return the PPE back to the Safety Officer.

Visitors By Water

We urge all visitors disembarking vessels to wear life vests until safely on land.

Once you have disembarked your vessel, you will be accompanied through the yard to the Site Safety Office.

Once at the Site Safety Office, the process is the same as for Visitors by Land.

Emergency After Hours Contact: +1 (778) 867-1104

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